What is ACME Feedback?

It’s a feedback form plugin for wordpress that’s activated via bottom, left or right site tab, or on exit. Move your cursor to the top of the screen and you’ll see it activate. Then close it and click the Feedback Tab on the right.

You can display a survey with up to five questions on the right side of the popup and any widget on the left hand side.    Or just display a widget only popup for all kinds of versatility.

After the survey is completed you can display any html or javascript.. Yes, even optin forms.

Have responses emailed directly to you or view inside your dashboard.   Or Export to CSV!

Disable on Mobile or any Page ID.

How valuable is it for a customer to tell you what they are looking for… or why they didn’t order today? Perhaps they will tell you that your order link is broken, or one of your pages is 404, or your SSL has expired (that one cost me $1000’s one time)

I can’t tell you how many times a simple customer comment has enabled me to fix something that was costing me money, or overcome a sales objection that led to higher conversions..

Use As A Widget Only Popup

With one simple click you can REMOVE the questions box, and just use for simple exit optin pops or pop up video messages.

Why Use ACME Feedback?

  • Get Feedback from your site visitors
  • Create 1 to 5 Question Surveys
  • Display ANY Widget Inside Popup
  • Display Videos, Ads, Optin Forms, Popular Posts on Exit
  • Increase Time On Site For Better SEO
  • Promote Affiliate Offers And Cross Sells
  • Disable On Mobile or Any Page
  • Show Exit Offers
  • Generate Leads and Optins
  • Increase Conversions
  • And Much More

Features & Benefits

Create Surveys

Ask your customers up to five questions at a time using our survey feature. Surveys can be text answers or multiple choice. You can get feedback emailed to you instantly, view in dashboard later and export to CSV.

Display Video

Use the popup to display any widget in the left hand side.. Even Video.  You can thank users for visiting and tell them about a free bonus they’ll get when completing your survey. Or add any call to action you wish.

Improve SEO

Keep visitors on your site longer by playing video or show your most popular posts or ask them questions.  Increase your time on site and decrease your bounce rate by engaging your customers.

Lead Capture

You can use a text widget to display an optin form on exit, or, add an optin form at the end of your survey. Offer a free download if a user answers a few questions, and add your optin code to end of survey..

Increase Site Revenue

Use a text widget with an affiliate banner so that it pops on exit. Ask related questions to the product you’re promoting to reinforce the sale… or maybe you’ll discover that your ads are all wrong for a lot of your visitors..

Fully Customizable

Change popup colors, borders and css and add custom headers. Disable on any page. Create custom TABS to encourage visitors to click popup… For example.. say “Click for Exclusive Video”, “Bonus Download” etc.. See examples




ACME Feedback was created by Dan Nickerson

Dan Nickerson is the Co-Creator of the Socrates WordPress Theme now being used on over 100,000 Websites and the World Famous iFart App. He’s been marketing online since the mid 90’s and has launched dozens of successful products. His personal customer support is legendary.


How Much Does ACME Feedback Cost?

Most of our competitors charge high monthly fees and keep all your data on their servers so you’re stuck with those monthly charges. One of our competitors actually charges $499 per month for their popup feedback system.

ACME Feedback is available for a low one-time fee and you can use on all your sites.  There are NO Monthly Charges.

ORDER TODAY and for just $27.00.  You get unlimited personal and client rights to the plugin.

There’s a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee If You’re Not Completely Satisfied!