1. Download the Zip file from the download page to your computer
  2. Goto Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the plugin from your computer to your WordPress install
  3. Activate the plugin then click on Settings page.

ACME Feedback Settings

Click on the ACME Feedback tab in your WP dashboard sidebar and you’ll see five tabs.


The settings panel controls the..

  • Questions you wish to display
  • Email settings – Where you want your results emailed to as well as subject line.
  • Tab display location – Bottom, left, right or disabled.
  • Mobile Display
  • Widget Only Option.
  • Exit popup settings – Once per visitor, every visit, or disabled.
  • Thank you message – Displayed text, html even javascript after a survey is completed.
  • Affiliate link – Earn commissions promoting ACME Feedback.
  • Page exclusion settings – Exclude pages from showing ACME Feedback.
  • Skipping options – Put a “skip” button to let users skip questions.


The customization panel controls the…

  • Title Text – Feedback form title text.
  • Header Color – Choose a background color for header
  • Header URL – Upload a custom header graphic (should match header color)
  • Feedback Tab – Choose your graphic, should match position in Settings
  • Submit Button – Choose colors for background and text and choose actual text.
  • Popup Border – Choose border color and sizes
  • Popup Content Template – Advanced editing for look of popup.


The questions panel allows you to setup an unlimited number of questions which can be either text answers or multiple choice.   To setup a multiple choice enter each response on its own line.    Once you setup your questions you can pick the questions you wish to display on the feedback form.


The results panel shows the user submissions.   Each submission is tracked by ID#, time and IP#.    You can choose to have results emailed to you as well.  We’ve added an export feature to CSV, but the questions do get exported on each line as well.  This was necessary to not impact previous users data.

Preview Form

This tab allows you to preview your form before going live on the site.  Note, the form may not appear exactly as it does on the site.  The widgets can look slightly distorted as well as the buttons.